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  Police Emergency  110
  Fire Emergency  119
  Emergency Number  120
  Tourist Complaint  96927
  Traffic Accident  122
  Consumer Hotline  12315
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I, Meishan People’s Hospital

Address: No.1, Wenmiao Street (old area), No.288, South Section 4, Dongpo Avenue (new area), Dongpo District, Meishan, Sichuan,

Zip: 620010

Tel:  028—38221455         Hospital Office

      028—38222989         Medical Department

      028—38221857         ED(24 hours clinics open)

Website: http://www.mssrmyy.cn

Ⅱ, Meishan Maternity And Child Health Hospital

Address: No.69, East Huangzhou Rd, Dongpo District, Meishan

Zip: 620010

Tel: 38196529(Office)


Ⅲ, Third Hospital of Meishan(Meishan Cancer Hospital)

Address: No.168, Middle Section 2, Binhu Rd, Dongpo District, Meishan

Registry tel: 028-38197698

Ⅳ, Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease hospital of Meishan

Address: No.66, West Section 3, Qitong Rd, Economic Development Area, Meishan

Tel: 028-38161120

Ⅴ, Meishan Orthopaedic Hospital

Address: No.889, Peicheng Rd, Dongpo District, Meishan

Tel: 028-38116303

Ⅵ, China Railway Hospital of Meishan

Address: No. 488, West Yihuan Rd, Dongpo District, Meishan

Tel: 028-38172270

Ⅶ, Chinese Medicine Hospital of Meishan

Address: No.14, Suci Rd, Dongpo District, Meishan

Tel: 028—38232121

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Renshou sesame cake is a famous local special product of Renshou
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Minjiang Donghu Hotel Addr:No.1, Huandao Rd, Meishan
Tel:028-38666088 38688888
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Three Sue shrine for inline, meishan city, is located in the southwest
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